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    Coach "Game's On" Clipboard
    "When the bowling coach received his "official" clipboard today, it put the biggest smile on his face. He said that now he can finally draw lines to show the team where they need to throw the ball, instead of just telling them. He was so excited that I don't know if he will be able to sleep tonight. All the other coaches will be jealous and wish they had one. Thank you for making our coach an even happier one!" - Linda Mroz


    Great for All Bowling Coaches! Personalized with Coach Name, Team Name, High School or League Name. You can add a special message to the coach like "Thanks Coach!". The message to the coach is CARDINALS in the above example.

    High quality double sided clipboard material doubles as a dry eraser marker board. Coach can diagram / write on the back and front with dry erase marker. 9x15" clipboard comes with flat sport style clip.

    We add COACH to the Coach Name (JOHN SMITH to COACH JOHN SMITH). Tell us in 'any special instructions' you do not want coach added to the name when you want the clipboard(s) for the non-coach, team member or sponsor.

    You can select two team colors to be used for the borders and text on your clipboard. The color palette shown are color selections that are available. The process that is used to create the clipboards imprints the design beneath the surface of the clipboard. Each clipboard is individually made so there might be a slight color variation on your clipboard due to the heat process. * Note - If you don't see a certain color you have in mind, clipboards in a black and white color combination look great! OR, email us at with a question on your two colors choices. We may be able to customize to your colors.