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    Exclusive Best Coach Gifts Product

    When you are looking for something extra special...a lifeless dull certificate or cold trophy just won’t do!

    Awesome gift for all coaches!
    Your poster will be created around your sport theme.

    Tabloid size News Page comes matted, framed, under glass and ready to hang. 16” X 20" attractive contemporary black wood frame will look great hanging in the office or any room in the house.

    - Feature Photo of coach and pictures of the team (our graphic artist is an expert at taking the shots you have made and turning out a great news page)
    - Feature Spotlight Article about coach
    - Name Plaque with inscription "Special Edition of Coach in the News Presented to: (their name)
    - Achievement Seal / Ribbon with team roster
    - Article with quotes about the coach from the team, parents and other coaches
    - Article about the value of youth sports

    Ordering a coach's special customized poster is as easy as 1,2,3.

    1. Collect the information to customize the coach's poster.
    Please send the coach name(s), names of assistant coaches, current team roster and any additional information you think would be good to include on their poster (season record, tournaments, championship games, etc). 

    It really adds a great personal touch to have quotes about the coach (what others think about the coach) from some of the kids on the team, parents or people who know the coach.

    Please have the coach's input on the following questions: 
    1. What have you liked the most about coaching your team this year?
    2. Why did you want to be a coach?
    3. If a volunteer coach, what do you do for a living and why did you choose this profession?
    4. What do you think is the biggest challenge for the coaches?
    5. Overall, what do you think is the greatest value of a youth sports program?
    6. What has been the biggest highlight of your coaching experience?

    2. Get together several non-copyright* protected action shots of team.
    If possible send in at least 4 photos, then our graphic artist will select the ones that work best in the poster. The feature image of the coach is enlarged to work in the 5x7 area on the poster, so the photos you send to use for the feature shot of the coach should be a fairly close up shot of the coach. If you aren't able to get a rather close up shot of the coach, our "Tribute to the Coach" Poster will be a great poster for you...this poster uses photos of the team and coach to create an awesome appreciation gift.

    3. Send us the packet of information and photos (either by regular mail or email).
    There are two options for sending in your poster information and photos. Just select the way that is most convenient for you.
    1. Complete online order - then email information and photos to
    . Please include you name and order confirmation # within the Subject Line of the email
    2. Complete online order - then mail in via regular postal mail to:
    Best Coach Gifts Team

    P&R Innovations, LLC, 22052 W. 66th Street, Suite 150, Shawnee, Kansas 66226 Mailed in photos will be returned to you with your order shipment. Please reference your name and order confirmation #  when you send in your photo

    Best results are achieved when you send us the high-resolution image possible.


    If you are taking the photos with your camera, make sure your camera is set for the highest resolution (Fine or Super Fine). Many cameras default setting is low or mid-level resolution in order to increase the number of pictures that can be stored. Check to make sure your camera is set for high resolution.

    If you are scanning in photos, set the resolution to highest resolution possible (200dpi or higher). Then, save the image as a .jpg file.

    We know the coach, the team and you will love the coach's poster... in fact, we guarantee it! 

    Please allow 10-14 business days for your special custom made poster to arrive to you.

     * Copyright Restrictions   
    Best Coach Gifts assumes that artwork and photos submitted are in full compliance with all laws governing any reproduction protection. The customer is in agreement that CPI will not be liable for any damages arising from the illegal use of photos or artwork.